We are Sunday Elephant.

We don’t think outside the box; we have no box.

Creative and limitless. We like unconventional. We thrive outside the ordinary. For us, every project is a new canvass with the exciting opportunity to create and share unique and significant experiences to everyone.

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Logo, Branding
and Strategy

We humanize brands by giving them identities relatable to their audiences. We dig deep until we get to the core - the brand's raw and most compelling story - and find ways to incorporate it into our DNA and visual identity system process. We build strong, compelling brands anchored on genuine and sincere narratives and strategy.

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Photo, Video,
and Motion

We understand the value of storytelling. Important messages are magnified with the right visuals. To properly communicate a narrative, or an idea, or any technical information, we have a wide array of visually compelling solutions tailor-fit to the brand's needs.

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Web Design
and Development

We help establish the brand's digital presence through the development of a fully functional website. Our service is end-to-end - conceptualization, user experience and interface design, content architecture, and development - to ensure the site's place in the digital space is visually and contextually strong and relevant.

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